Q1 : Are the classes divided according to the students' levels?
A1: We don't have different levels of courses at this time although we are considering dividing students into classes according to their experience.

Q2 : I have never tried pole dancing before. Are there different levels of classes such as beginners' class? Are the classes only for those who have experience or for advanced pole dancers?
A2: It is perfectly fine if you are a beginner. Our small classes allow the instructor to teach each student at their pace even if students' levels are different.

Q3 : What kind of outfit should I wear to the class? Do I need to wear a special outfit/costume?
A3 : Wear something you feel comfortable in. Work-out clothing is fine, so are performance clothes.

Q4 : What are Do's and Don'ts?ΚΚ
A4 : We ask our students not to climb to the top of the pole when we first begin our lesson as the pole we use is very tall (7m long). We also advise our students not to wear hand lotion prior to the lesson. It is important to have a firm grip onto the pole and hand lotion makes your hands slippery and makes it difficult to hold onto the pole tightly.

Q5 : How much is the initiation fee?
A5 : There is no initiation fee.

Q6 : Do you have any private lessons or classes on days other than Wednesdays and Sundays?
A6 : We are planning on opening some more classes. Please contact and ask us about the availability of our new classes.

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